Sunday, April 20, 2014

April's Post

Hi girls! Welcome to my post for the month of April. This is also my second gift to everyone during my birthday month. I made this really fun test that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Would you like to know the kind of leading man you’d end up with if you were a 2D animated character? If so, scroll down and answer these questions. Take note of the choice you picked as an answer to each question, then tally the letters of your choices. Scroll further down to see the personality of your leading man. Are you ready?

1.       A guy asks if you would like to hang out with him on a Saturday afternoon. You agree. He then asks (in fact insists on it) that you decide where you would both go. You’d most probably say:
a.       “Let’s go some place we’re not at all familiar with, and leave the rest of the day to unfold.”
b.      “Why don’t we both pick a place we’d like to go to, and toss a coin over it.”
c.       “There’s this new casino everyone keeps talking about.”
d.      “Downtown’s a great place to run around in. The food is cheap, and there are a million things to do.”
e.      “Why don’t we just stroll around the park today. The weather’s perfect for that kind of thing.”
2.       The guy at the office who has a desk next to yours notices that you work very hard. What would you like him to say to you regarding that?
a.       “Hey, chill out for a bit. You really need a day off to laze around.”
b.      “Nice job there, soldier. I honestly didn’t expect you to finish that up in time.”
c.       “Help me with this project I’m working on, will you? I’ll owe you one, and I promise to keep to that agreement.”
d.      “You know what, I think I might just do some hard, honest work like what you’re doing. Perhaps the boss won’t keep such a strict eye on me then.”
e.      “Why don’t you let me help you with that stuff you’re working on.”
3.       You are in a life and death situation, and your ‘hero’ offers to help you out of it. What would you most probably say to him?
a.       “Are you sure you can take over?”
b.      “Cool, but you’re gonna need my help too.”
c.       “There must be a catch to this, right?”
d.      “I can’t believe I’m going to let you help me.”
e.      “Thanks so much for rescuing me.”
4.       You’re off to meet up with your leading man, and a random guy tells you not to meet up with him because:
a.       he’s a delinquent with a penchant for getting into trouble, always acting before he thinks.
b.      he’s not gonna baby you or dry your tears with a hanky when you start crying.
c.       he’ll cheat you out of everything you own and have, just you wait.
d.      he’s got a shady background you’d rather not want to hear.
e.      he’ll be so blinded by his emotions, he’s not gonna let anyone else touch you.
5.       You and your leading man are stuck in an out-of-control hot air balloon. If you could predict where the balloon will land, it would most probably touch ground on:
a.       a wild jungle where you could find plenty of resources to tide you over until help arrives.
b.      the campsite or resting spot, where your other teammates are worriedly waiting for you.
c.       some place where you can hopefully find a job and earn some money to get back home.
d.      some place where people won’t be able to recognize you so you can start a new life.
e.      the leanding man’s royal court, where the servants are all wondering where their master has gone to.
6.       Your leading man just got into trouble with the law. When you’re talking to him over the phone while he’s being detained, you would most probably tell him that:
a.       “I knew something like this was gonna happen.”
b.      “Don’t worry. You’ll get out of it. You always do.”
c.       “Serves you right for all the things you’ve been getting into lately.”
d.      “Fine… I’ll tell them you’re not exactly a bad guy.”
e.      “Are they crazy?! Why in the world would they think you did that?”
7.       In a movie, what role would you most likely play?
a.       The office girl who needs to get out more, but just doesn’t have the time to.
b.      The touch cookie who stands on her own two feet, but is unconsciously seductive as sin.
c.       The bossy ambitious wild child who acts before she thinks.
d.      The pretty mouse who worries too much over the practicality of things.
e.      The na├»ve little angel who’ll surely get herself in some dangerous situation.

And that’s about it for my questions.

Now see who you’ll most probably end up with (if you were stereotyped into a one-dimensional character with pretty eyes, and is, though probably not given a choice, teamed up with a guy lol).

If you got mostly A’s, you’d likely be paired with The Laid-back Adventurer (like Prince Naveen, or Miguel form “The Road to El Dorado”).

He’d probably be a guy with a suave voice. Not to mention he’d also be compassionate, witty, laid-back and totally oblivious to the responsibilities of the world. It’ll be your job to keep him in line, but the great smile and the crazy fun he gives you will all be worth it.

If you answered mostly B’s, then be prepared to team up with The Alpha Male (hunkalicious leaders like Li Shang and Sinbad).

He’s got the looks, the muscle and the devoted crew who’ll always look out for him and you. The man himself will probably expect you to stand your own ground when the going gets tough, but don’t think he’s not worried. And he’ll ultimately praise you for your heroic deeds, albeit grudgingly at first.

For a tally with mostly C’s, you’ll get The Partner-In-Crime (that sexy dark prince like Dimitri or Tulio).

What this guy needs is somebody who won’t be easily fooled, and somebody who knows him inside-out. And you’re the girl who will fit the bill nicely. The only way you can get a master of manipulation to fall on his knees is to show him you’re not budging from you original plan, but will agree to reach a compromise.

For mostly D answers, you might just land with The Cute Pocket-Thief (someone like Aladdin and Flynn).

A sweet guy with a turbulent back-story that leaves him no choice but to end up in the streets, but still retains a heart of gold is a unique find in all fairy tales. He’ll have the humor, the speed and the boyish smile that’ll make you want to coddle him. This kind of guy, once turning over a new leaf, will stop fooling around (or at least keep his troublemaking to a minimum).

Last but not least, mostly E’s will get you The Unsung Hero (Cornelius and Hercules ought to do the trick).

The guy is devoted, loyal, brave, determined, optimistic… and a little bit impulsive. He’ll make sure to get you out of any trouble, never mind if he dies or gets hurt in the process. The typical macho hero, he’s lured by the sight of great hair, a pretty smile and an attractive blush over a girl’s cheeks. But once he see’s there’s more than meets the eye, he’ll want to keep you all the more.

Take note that this is NOT a statistically-based, psychological study proven quiz. I made this just for fun because I was inspired by my younger cousin who thought that Prince Charming (in Snow White) was hot.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog/quiz, and I hope you enjoy it J


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